Paso Robles Arts Festival 2015

This weekend the Paso Arts Fest came to a close. It was well attended and I am happy to say that all my work sold (four paintings, one was auctioned off) The caliber of artists participating was quite impressive for our small town: Established painters like John Cosby, Ruo Li, Libby Tolley, Richard Robinson (from New Zealand), W. Truman Hosner, my friend Andy Evansen, Carolyn Lord and many others. Andy, Carolyn and myself were the only watercolorists, maybe that’s why we did so well!
One of the biggest surprises (almost unheard of, really) is the fact that one of my watercolors got an award of excellence. I mean, watercolors never win anything!
Here are some impressions of the festival. The signature show will run until the end of June and I have four paintings in it.

9 thoughts on “Paso Robles Arts Festival 2015

    1. frankeber Post author

      It was really nice and such fun to paint with my friend Andy Evansen. We almost had the same scenes, but it didn’t matter. We both sold!

  1. Jody

    Well deserved Frank, your paintings are beautiful and uniquely your own. Glad the event was so successful for you. Jody

  2. Kim Hoerster

    Wasn’t sure which photo I enjoy the most. The one where the man with wings and a big beek look like he was going to peck the back of your head or the one with Archer looking so proud. Next Saturday I’m going to a dog training 8:30-4:30 to learn about getting Pepper certified. The following Saturday Pepper will take a test to pass the dog therapy test. If he passes I can take him in public places on a leash instead of hiding in a shoulder back.

    1. frankeber Post author

      That’s so cool, Kim. Let’s hope Pepper will pass. MJ thought of doing that with Archer as well. I know people who’ve certified the most unlikely dogs, so it is possible…Archer and Pepper, the guide dogs..haha!

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