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one-way madness

I am not done with taxis just yet. For some reason they are a very fascinating subject matter to me. My blog friend and New York native Carol King told me that whenever there’s a bad traffic jam and an accident, there are usually taxis involved. Most of the time they crash into each other! How bizarre is that. I would think there’s a lot of road rage involved, it can’t be a lot of fun to drive in NYC let alone drive a taxi for hours and hours every day. Does anyone have a New York City taxi story to share?

one-way madness, by frankeber 2011

When you paint, you usually try to tell a story. I got a nice compliment from an art collector the other day. She said my NYC paintings look dreamy and I make ordinary streets look special. I was very happy to hear that, as you can imagine. It is true, I like to make it look real but surreal at the same time. In real life, cars don’t melt into the road and people don’t melt into the buildings. (Insert chemical-induced reference here.) But in a painting you can do these things and get away with them. It actually improves the work!
one-way madness_detail1, by frankeber 2011

It’s good to look at art and be uplifted, to see something that’s not there, definitely not in reality. I think it’s part of our responsibility as artists: a form of entertainment, offer something people like to look at or something that makes them think.

one-way madness_detail2, by frankeber 2011