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Queen Creek sunset

Queen Creek sunset, 2010 by frankeberQueen Creek Sunset, 2010 ::: About 19″ x 10.5″ : 48 cm x 26 cm
Posted in the Arizona, USA gallery

I have recently been on a week-long trip to Arizona. A state with truly amazing landscapes and driving through it  you’d half expect to see Indians with horses riding on the prairie, just like in the old movies! Having said that I had kind of a hard time finding the right motifs. I really did not want to do a painting with a cactus and red rocks in the background (the quintessential AZ scene?). Maybe I am crazy–what else is there to paint, you might ask–I just don’t like picture postcard scenes and I also don’t like “pretty paintings” in general. I think I am guilty though, because this one almost falls into that category.  Almost.  A pretty sunset and yep, there are the rocks too…

Although it seems I used a wide color spectrum in this piece, I actually only used about three colors: cobalt blue, permanent magenta, burnt sienna and the tiniest amount of neutral tint. That’s it. Instead, as is the case in all of my work, I focus on a wide range of tonal values instead. There is no green in the trees, it’s your eyes that put the green there. I saved the white of the paper for the cars.

This view can only be seen from up high on the rocks. We were out rock climbing for the day and I came upon this view when topping out on a route. I knew right away that this was my painting right there. Since it is kind of hard to paint landscapes while climbing 200-foot rock faces, I had to content myself with taking pictures this time around. I did wait before the final rappelling off the rock to take this shot.