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Painting demo at the National Watercolor Society


I am happy to say that my demo last Sunday went very well. People were appreciative and mellow, I painted well and on top of that, I sold paintings! Even the demo painting sold!
It is always a bit tricky to paint in front of so many people (my demo sold out) and you never know how your painting will turn out. I had a great support group though and I would like to give special thanks to Debbie Abshear and Jan Godachy for their selfless help. I could not have done it without them!

Moss landing demo painting

I decided to paint a half sheet (approx. 14″x21″) The subject matter is a scene from Moss Landing in northern California taken on my most recent trip.
There is a big slough with all kinds of boats moored and an electricity plant in the background which reflects into the water. Excellent view to paint! The composition is kind of a cheap shot, with the left boats all pointing toward the little rower and his friend! Needless to say, it wasn’t like this on the photographs I took. The foreground is a patch of land covered with ice plant that grows in abandon there.

Overall, I was very happy with the turn-out and we have a big list of painters interested in taking on of my workshops.
Also big thanks to Penny Hill, the director of this year’s Annual Exhibition of NWS who made this demo possible!

Local scenes

Happy Labor day!

Last week I was out and about painting locally. Here are some of the best ones..

SanPedroPolice, by frankeber2011

CoupleonEsplanade, by frankeber2011

It’s always an adventure to paint outside. Things never go the way you expect them to. Case in point: I am driving down to San Pedro, unloading my paint stuff and looking around for a good view. The first thing I notice is that my water container spilled water all over my bag…mmmh, ok. No big deal, just put it in the sun while walking around looking for a painting spot.

I usually bring my point and shoot and take lots of pics to help me find  a good composition. So I turn on my camera and it says ‘change battery pack’. Needless to say I forgot to bring extra batteries…Classic! I actually had to wait two minutes every time I wanted to take a picture, so the batteries would just last long enough to let me take one.

Walking around, confused, trying to decide what to paint and from where, I finally get settled and started painting just to notice there’s only about half an hours daylight left! OMG, better get going… You can see, none of this happens in your studio and you’re forced to really deal with all kinds of fun outside. But I highly recommend it. It made me a better painter! It is sooo important and a great confidence builder! Just do it! I know it’s intimidating, go with a buddy or take a plein air course first but I swear to you, it will improve your work significantly!

The Space Gallery, San Pedro CA

Two for The Space Gallery at the San Pedro Arts Alliance:

le beffroi, 2011 by frankeber

Rue Paul Bert, 2011 ::: Watercolor on paper
Posted in the France gallery

low tide, 2011 by frankeber

Unpublished painting ::: NOT FOR SALE

These two paintings are exhibited at the Gallery at 6th and Pacific in San Pedro. It is quite an honor to be in the company of esteemed artists like Fealing Lin who is also in this exhibit!

The first painting is a scene from the south of France, i a town that is very dear to me as I have lived near there for more than two years. It is a street scene with a bell tower as a backdrop. Aix-en-Provence has mostly pinkish and butter-colored buildings and as the sun bounces off the houses, it creates a wonderful glow in the city streets! I tried capturing this special mood on a long paper format and it brings back many memories.

The second painting is a scene of a boat harbour at low tide with a distant hillside town. It invokes the feel of a typical, foggy English seaside location, although the scene is actually completely made up.

Workshop News: I am conducting an upcoming workshop in the beautiful seaside town of San Clemente, CA. It will be at the San Clemente Art Supply Store, Saturday and Sunday June 4&5. I’ll be teaching advanced watercolor techniques based on tonal values to create atmosphere, balance, and unity in painting.

For more information or to reserve a space, please click here or contact:
San Clemente Art Supply, 1531 N El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA, (949) 369-6603


Victorian splendor, San Pedro

Victorian splendor, San Pedro by frank eber

I am out searching for beauty in California and I have to say, I am finding plenty of it. I took the drive around the Palos Verdes Peninsula and came across this row of houses, situated right across the rocky coastline. What a perfect subject for a painting! The Victorians, the palm trees, and the amazing late afternoon glow! As luck would have it, the coastal fog stopped just right behind this scene and didn’t move in while I was there.

I like how it came out. I was able to capture the far house with the truck and the suggestion of figures all in one wash. I didn’t really paint the truck but it is there. This is exactly what I am trying to achieve in all my work. To quote my favorite painter and teacher Joseph Zbukvic, “Indicate, don’t state!”  Ultimately, I’d like for the viewer to fill in whatever detail they want to see.

I am going to do a series on downtown Los Angeles next. The subject matter there is endless! I have to plan my attack, find out where to park and the best time to go etc.