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Torrance Art Museum show

Praque streets of, by frankeber 2011

These two images have been accepted into this year’s Torrance Art Museum show, called South Bay Focus.
It’s a group show of several participating local art groups. South Bay is the area between Los Angeles International and the Palos Verdes peninsula.

Streets of Prague is almost a devided painting. The warm colors are predominant in the upper part while the cooler colors rule the lower part. To connect those two major shapes, I put the car and the band of trees in the middle ground so as not to have a complete division by the light strip.

morning fog, by frankeber 2011

Morning fog was a bit of a lucky shot. I used granulating blues and they seem to work in this painting. It creates texture on the facades and street. The cars are barely there and very much blend into the scene. Overall, it is important to have  lost and found edges as well as hard edges in a watercolor. Not too many hard edges though!