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Workshop: Venus Art Supply, Palm Desert

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My big Thanks to Venus Art Supply for hosting a very successful workshop in Palm Desert last week. We had the perfect class size and managed to do a lot of painting! Thank you Shayla and Deb for taking care of me!

I posted one of my half finished demo pieces above. The subject matter ‘street scene’ posed lots of different painting challenges, i.e. composition, lights and darks, gradations etc etc. Congratulations to all my students for doing such a great job! We just have to do it again sometime!

As if I didn’t have enough work already, I also did a demo for the Desert Art Center in Palm Springs last week! Thank you Susan for inviting me and big thanks to everyone who attended!


February Workshop at Venus Art Supply, Palm Desert – California

Windy Palm Springs


February 11 to 14, 2013. Please contact Deb or Bryce

Venus Studios Art Supply
41801 Corporate Way #7
Palm Desert, CA 92260

(760) 340-5085

Windy workshop Palm Desert!

Palm_Springs_winds, by frankeber 2012

The powers of nature are unpredictable! Palm Springs, Palm Desert or Indian Wells sound like the perfect destinations for this time of the year! Warm, balmy temperatures, plenty of sun…. Unless there’s a 60-mile an hour windstorm blowing through!! Just my luck!

The workshop went well (it was indoors), but needless to say any attempts at plein air painting were literally blown away! I made my way to Palm Springs to take pictures instead and ended up painting this piece in my hotel room!

Maybe it was sort of divine intervention that it turned out really nice! I particularly like the cars and buildings on the right, a sort of melting affair of shapes! After applying the wash, I just dropped water and strong pigment here and there, hoping for the best..

Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t!

It definitely says “windy”, and that was the goal. I was planning on putting a figure on the left side, but didn’t leave room for it 😦 Overall it’s ok, I think. It doesn’t necessarily need it. I wanted to put someone crossing the street, leaning into the wind, but I was told the painting works as it is… That’s ok with me! The less you mess with it after it’s done, the better it is anyway!

Thank you Deb, Venus Art Supply, for a wonderful workshop and taking good care of me! It was very cool to learn that there are more than 200 watercolor painters in their local art association. I just have to make my way back there again soon!