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Negative Painting

like a fish outta water, web  like a fish outta water, detail

When working out scenes with dramatic light, it is important to remember where the lightest light is and not paint over it. Watercolor painting depends on the whiteness of the paper for the ultimate highlight! Once we mistakenly paint over it, we cannot bring it back.
You could argue: well, I can always lift! True, but it’s still not the same as the untouched paper.

Speaking of lifting: In my opinion, lifting always feels a bit like ‘fixing things’ – unless you lift while it’s wet – why not paint it right in the first place without having to come back later and lift paint here and there?? But I digress..

In the above painting, the huge foreground puddle as well as the background body of water is nothing but the untouched paper. It feels very light, because everything else is darker. The interaction of values does it. It is an illusion, that’s all. That’s our job as artists: create an illusion. In the reference picture the water was not bright at all, more like the color of the sky. A pretty dull scene. By exaggerating the values of the scene, we create more interest and the result is a luminous, lively watercolor. (15″h by 29″w)

Cape Cod: The Beauty of Light, Sept. 19 to 22, 2013


Please consider joining me and other great painters for this wonderful event this fall! It is taking place in one of the most beautiful places in this country. For more information, please visit:


The Space Gallery, San Pedro CA

Two for The Space Gallery at the San Pedro Arts Alliance:

le beffroi, 2011 by frankeber

Rue Paul Bert, 2011 ::: Watercolor on paper
Posted in the France gallery

low tide, 2011 by frankeber

Unpublished painting ::: NOT FOR SALE

These two paintings are exhibited at the Gallery at 6th and Pacific in San Pedro. It is quite an honor to be in the company of esteemed artists like Fealing Lin who is also in this exhibit!

The first painting is a scene from the south of France, i a town that is very dear to me as I have lived near there for more than two years. It is a street scene with a bell tower as a backdrop. Aix-en-Provence has mostly pinkish and butter-colored buildings and as the sun bounces off the houses, it creates a wonderful glow in the city streets! I tried capturing this special mood on a long paper format and it brings back many memories.

The second painting is a scene of a boat harbour at low tide with a distant hillside town. It invokes the feel of a typical, foggy English seaside location, although the scene is actually completely made up.

Workshop News: I am conducting an upcoming workshop in the beautiful seaside town of San Clemente, CA. It will be at the San Clemente Art Supply Store, Saturday and Sunday June 4&5. I’ll be teaching advanced watercolor techniques based on tonal values to create atmosphere, balance, and unity in painting.

For more information or to reserve a space, please click here or contact:
San Clemente Art Supply, 1531 N El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA, (949) 369-6603