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Daniel Smith dot cards

I am proud to say I have my own personalized dot cards courtesy of this great American paint manufacturer! DS came up with this nifty idea as a quick and convenient way to try out their colors without having to buy a whole tube! Just put your paintbrush loaded with water to it and, voilá…  Great way to find out if you like a color enough to go buy it!

Frank Eber dotcard

My colors are pretty basic: if you think about it, I use yellow, red, blue and some earth tones. Sure, there’s the occasional oddball (like undersea green), but those are continually changing.  Colors like cobalt blue or yellow ochre can’t ever be replaced and you really can’t do without them. I love their cobalt teal and it goes without saying that their quins are amazing!

I would like to thank Pam and Katherine of JJC Industries for making this possible for me. It is a great honor, now I just hope I can live up to it!!

San Clemente Workshop June 4 & 5, 2011

I am happy to report that my workshop last weekend was a success! We had 10 people for the first day and 9 on the second; one person opted to only do one day. I was very fortunate to get such a mellow group, all of them were really nice, there to learn, paint and absorb as much as possible. I couldn’t have been any luckier!


Thanks to Patti and Melissa of San Clemente Art Supply for all the hard work and providing such an inspiring atmosphere to do a workshop in, not to mention the fruit, coffee, juice and homemade (!) cookies! The store actually has a little garden area and is located in the most beautiful town with a view onto the ocean. It is a very special place and if you’re ever in the area I urge you to go check it out!

I decided to just incorporate this wonderful street view into my workshop on Sunday. It was a good way to get people used to being outside, sketching and making decisions on the fly. After all the sketches were complete, we moved back into the building to do the painting.

san_clemente_street-view, 2011 by frankeber

This street scene was particularly useful for teaching tonal value and creating distance in a painting. The small tower of the old movie theater serves as a nice backdrop. All we had to do is put some people and cars and the ocean as a background and voilá, there’s a painting! Being at a certain location to paint can really make a difference in our work. Something of the energy of the place will be transposed into the painting!

Everybody was very pleased to get such a vast amount of information and one woman said she hopes I could come on a regular basis and teach there. I would certainly be honored to come back to such a beautiful place and do more workshops and classes. Being in San Clemente feels like being on vacation, work or not… Thanks to all of my students for taking my workshop and making it easy for me. I appreciate every one of you!!