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People who have met me know I’m not exactly fond of social media, but the appeal of Instagram is its dedication to the visual and minimal words. Given that I’m not exactly a gifted wordsmith, I’m all for it. This year I thought I’d give Instagram a decent chance. And by decent chance I mean no more unfocused, badly-cropped pictures and half-assed captions. I would post sharp, nicely-cropped, squared-up paintings, make engaging captions, and even work in some clever hashtags. (Ha.) To dig a deeper hole, I vowed to post frequently, thus creating #52artworksin52weeks.

So far I’m up to #06of52, which happens to be this. Parents, I’m sure you’re all familiar with that look on her face!


And mind-bogglingly, #01of52 happens to be the most popular. Really. And it occurred to me: am I in the right genre? Should I be painting more animal portraits, less landscapes? More bichons, less barns? Someone thinks so. (Still waiting for AWS, TWSA, NWS, and CAC on their input…)


Last year, people were really drawn to these San Luis Obispo county landscapes. Central California is gorgeous, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking of doing a local workshop here… Watercolors and Wine. Or should it be Wine and Watercolors?


Finally, this city scene from Florence brings back some good memories… I conducted workshops in Tuscany in 2013 and 2015, and will be back again this year.


If you’re on Instagram, please drop by and say Hello! Hold my feet to the fire and make sure I get to #52of52! (And thanks for all your support.)


Famous farm in Vermont

roadside action, by frankeber 2012

roadside action, by frankeber 2012

roadside action, VT detail

roadside action, VT detail

The subject of this painting is the lovely Jenne Farm in Vermont. It is one of the last historic, functioning farms in the United States. It is also the most photographed.

If you want to visit, do it soon because there’s no telling  how much longer it will be there. Sadly, one of the buildings is barely hanging on, and the same goes for the owners from what I have heard. It would be a shame to see this landmark disappear. It is a piece of  American history.

One of my friends who moved to Vermont once said, ‘I’ll never paint a red barn’. Well, that lasted about two days before he broke down simply because….ALL the barns are red!!! LOL  Well, that’s an exaggeration but there’s some truth to it, there are just way too many red barns!

In order to avoid a cheesy painting, I toned the red way down by mixing in some neutrals. I was intrigued by the shadow play on the tin roofs of the buildings. To me, that’s the real subject of this painting. Never mind that it’s a grey and foggy day and in reality, there wouldn’t be any shadows at all!  I never paint reality, I paint what I feel the scene should look like. Or at least I try. The cows are not contained there in any way. They can walk where ever they feel like. It reminded me of Switzerland minus the cow bells.

Vermont is a great state.  You’d be hard pressed to find many of these awful fast food places anywhere in the countryside. There are all kinds of mom and pop places that sell regional specialties and Vermont lawmakers recently introduced a resolution asking the Federal government for increased jurisdiction over what foods can be purchased using the state’s food stamps. The goal is to make it impossible to purchase junk food with food stamps. A great idea, in my opinion.

I want to thank Everyone for visiting my blog this past year! 2012 was a great year, here’s to 2013 to make it even better! Happy and Prosperous New year to You, Dear Reader!