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Transparent Watercolor Society of America

The 2013 Exhibition of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America

Watercolor Artist Magazine Award

Watercolor Artist Magazine Award



with Chihiro Yabe

with Chihiro Yabe

I attended the opening reception in Kenosha,  Wisconsin last weekend. Before I say anything else, I’d like to state that everyone I met at TWSA was extremely nice and accommodating, making us artists feel very special! It was a real treat to be there and I am glad I went.

Kenosha lies on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, about half way between Milwaukee and Chicago. It was quite surprising to see what a beautiful setting it is! The Gallery is wonderful and the view from the reception area was spectacular! I highly recommend a visit to this part of the country!

Life as a professional artist is not an easy feat, so if our efforts get rewarded with awards and Signature membership, it feels very good and is incredible rewarding! Something that cannot be taken for granted, ever.

I’d like to thank Sheryl Fletcher Coon for inviting me and making this visit special. My thanks also goes to Catherine Nash, Gayle Mondie, Suzanne Hetzel, Vickie Kwasny and Lennox Wallace.  I was happy I met lots of fellow artists in person whom I know on social media. Needless to say, it’s not the same and you don’t know anyone until you actually meet them and look into their eyes. I am proud to say that Chihiro Yabe, Ona Kingdon, Marlin Rotach, Janie Freeman, Mary Jansen and Dick Green are all friends now. And it was great to see my dear friend Chris Beck again; thanks Chris and Jim for all your help and making our first visit to TWSA entertaining!

I was also thrilled to have met the wonderful Kelly Kane of Watercolor Artist magazine, who came right up to me and introduced herself. Thank you very much for this award!

The 2011 Paint San Clemente competition

All of last week I participated in this year’s annual event Paint San Clemente, held by the San Clemente Art Association. I am thrilled to have won Second Prize Overall last night, but I am even more thrilled that SCAA actually awarded a prize to a watercolor painting! As it is widely known, our medium still suffers from the perception of being inferior to oil, so it’s good to see that people do appreciate watercolor art.


Me painting on Friday. Group photo by Oliver Yu for the Orange County Register

Both my paintings sold on opening night and I am proud to have won this award that benefits local schools and art programs. Here are the articles in the Orange County Register and the San Clemente Patch!

During this last week I met many wonderful people painting outside. Rob and Christina, among others who stopped by to watch me paint, were very encouraging and said nice words about my work. San Clemente is a wonderful town that somehow managed to retain a “small town America” feel and I am very fortunate to have spent so much time there lately. I’d really like to thank Patti and Richard of San Clemente Art Supply for inviting me and helping to make this event happen for me. I couldn’t have done it without you, Patti!

First Place Overall was awarded to Josh Clare (above, left, with the impressive tie), who is an amazing young oil painter! Congratulations, well deserved!


The Miramar, 2nd Place Overall. (I still need to get a proper picture of this for my gallery.) And me, dazed over the win.

At Home in San Clemente was the second painting I entered into the show. You can see this on my website; unfortunately for those who have asked, it was immediately sold!

On another note, my painting Redondo Beach Harbor (posted in the California gallery, here, and here) won the Samuel and Ann Seeman Award at the 2011 Transparent Watercolor Society of America Exhibit at the Kenosha Public Museum in Wisconsin. More details in a future blog post!

Two major shows…

I am happy to announce that I made it into the Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA) 35th Annual Exhibit as well as the National Watercolor Society (NWS) 2011 All-Member show! It’s a great honor to be part of these two prestigious shows where such amazing artists participate. On a local level, I will also be part of the Redondo Beach Art Group (RBAG) show in the Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Center (MBCAC) in May. Dates are as follows. If you’re a local, please come; it would be nice to connect names to faced!

TWSA 35th Annual Exhibit in Kenosha, Wisconsin: May 7 – July 31
NWS 2011 All-Member Show in San Pedro, California: May 15 – June 12
RBAG show at the MBCAC: May 14 – May 26

Redondo Beach harbor, 2010 by frankeber

Redondo Beach Harbor, 2010 ::: Watercolor on paper ::: Entry for the TWSA 35th Annual Exhibit
Posted in the California, USA gallery


NYC Lunch Hour, 2011 ::: Watercolor on paper ::: Entry for the 2011 NWS All-Member show
Posted in the New York, USA gallery