4 thoughts on “Capture1

  1. guy rossey

    I read your comment on the discrepancies one might have in the appraisals of the public to one’s work and fully agree with the surprises we may have. In return I will try to give you what I liked especially in the paintings shown here.
    What I like in this one: subtleties in the greys, softness of the scenery

    1. frankeber Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to do that. It is very informative for me as I completely paint on autopilot, i.e. most of the decisions are not of conscious nature. You have a keen eye and I just wish you could see some of these in real life. They are much better and the subtleties are more pronounced. Thanks again!!

      1. guy rossey

        Hi Frank, thank you for your message. As you write me too I would like to see some of your paintings in real life. I read on your site that you organize workshops in France as well. Is there any chance some of your watercolors are exhibited somewhere here at the same time? Good luck in your work. It is beautiful. I like also the way you write on art in general and your art in particular. Best wishes ! Guy

      2. frankeber Post author

        I don’t have an exhibition planned, Guy. I’ll let you know when I’ll get a chance to be part of an exhibit in France. Thanks for the nice words and best wishes back to you!!

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