A ten day extravaganza in Tuscany, Italy

It was a pleasure to be back at Abbondanza, once again working with the wonderful Paula and Karolina.
We had a great group, total of 19 people with several non-painters, or ‘civilians’ as they liked to call themselves!
Paula’s is one of the best workshop venues when it comes to European painting trips. It is hard to top this experience. There is a chef on location and a driver for the daily excursions, done in a luxurious bus that can hold up to 20 people.
Some of my students who took the workshop two years ago are still raving about the culinary experience they had at Abbondanza!

One of the highlights this year was painting in the Villa Reale gardens near Lucca where John
Singer Sargent painted a long time ago. We found the exact locations he picked. Out of respect and reverence, we decided to paint a different view, from the opposite site Sargent had picked.
Unfortunately, it was a rainy day and we ended up working with umbrellas in one hand, paint brush in the other. That didn’t stop us, however. It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity so nobody was deterred from trying. Nice light would’ve been a treat but the weather is what it is!

Villa Fiori, our accommodations, were located about a 20 minute drive from the city center of Lucca, high up in the hills. The location couldn’t have been better! There was an olive garden and medieval church right outside, which we painted multiple times in different light.
My workshop was well received and I got many positive reviews. Students really like my teaching style and emphasis on sound painting principles.

As a fun side-note: the week we were there, the Rolling Stones were also scheduled to play a concert in the moat next to the city walls of Lucca. So the town of only 10000 grew to more than 60000 on the day of the concert. We made sure we stayed far away from Lucca that day!

8 thoughts on “A ten day extravaganza in Tuscany, Italy

  1. Pam

    Looks like you had a fantastic trip Frank!
    Looking forward to seeing more paintings. Was
    it warmer weather this time?

  2. Phil Kinsey

    Thanks for the share. Always want to see more of your paintings. Like the picture “Arno and Serchio”. Theres a strong J.S. Sargent vibe going on, in subject and execution too. The negative painting is sweet. Negative painting is not done enough. Into the light is the popular approach but negative painting can be stunning too. Thanks!

    1. frankeber Post author

      have to agree with you, Phil. The dull light was partly to blame, negative painting is a savior on days like that! Thanks for the visit, Phil. I will try to post more but September was pretty hectic for me!

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