4 thoughts on “exhausted, web

  1. Cheri Isgreen

    Thanks for the mention Frank. I find it really helps to touch a horse if you want to get the anatomy right. I know that is not possible for everyone, but those that love horses and also enjoy drawing them probably have 1 or 2 in their backyards. Horses have many interesting joint shapes- go out to the barn and run your hands along a horse’s leg!

    1. frankeber Post author

      Great tip. I wish I could…maybe once I visit. I find all the anatomical names of bones super boring and meaningless. Unless you’re a vet maybe!

      1. Cheri Isgreen

        I don’t “do” anatomy either. I know how the bones and muscles feel off the horse, and how they respond to my weight, leg pressure, etc. while mounted. “Feeling” is much more meaningful than “naming.”

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