My new Sienna set-up

I used this custom-made easel for years and years but it started to fall apart, so it was time to get something new! I wanted a set-up that I can use for both watercolor and oil painting.

There are many choices out there, most of them prohibitively expensive and with someone’s name attached to it. I don’t like that so much, that’s why I went for this simple and reasonably priced Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade Box Easel, size Medium. It is quite easy to set up. More importantly, it holds painting sizes up to 14″ x 18″, which is as big as I would ever paint outside. The angle is adjustable and I can still use my sunshade. (Another big plus for me!)

While you can use any tripod, I ended up buying the coordinating Sienna Tripod Easel as well. If you have a good tripod already, you don’t need to. I tried my old one for a while but the whole thing was just too wobbly. A stable and light tripod is, unfortunately, quiet expensive but it is money well spent: the easel has to be rigid enough for drawing and withstand some wind.

I also like that my Holbein Metal Palette 500 fits exactly into the box opening! I definitely lucked out there… It comes with a tray to store a water container or painting medium and brushes. I don’t like having to hold a palette in my hands while painting, so this is one of its best features.

A note about the weight: The Pochade was advertised as 3.5 lbs, but I weighed it and it is definitely more than 4 lbs. I can’t say I like that, but it’s still acceptable as that weight includes the tempered glass. So no complaints here. I bought the medium, which is really a small size. Overall, I good product that I would recommend to a painting friend.

7 thoughts on “My new Sienna set-up

  1. Phil Kinsey

    Hi! I do like your new rig. I have been shopping hard for the right easel. I really wanted a place for my palette to sit. I’ve grown to not liking having my left hand captured holding that Holbein 1000 palette. . Your recommendation pretty much seals it for me.
    Enjoy following your painting!
    Thank you!

    1. frankeber Post author

      Thanks, Phil. You’re like me, I hate having to carry a palette. For the Holbein 1000 you may need the large box. That is a Holbein 500 in the pic

  2. Pam

    It’s so pretty and looks like a great set up. Post pics of the maiden voyage let us know how you like it!

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