Painting Vineyards!

We live in wine country and get lots of tourists over the weekends who do wine tasting tours and visit one of our numerous great restaurants in Paso Robles, Central California.

Many people tell me I should do workshops here, locally. They do have a point. Our area is beautiful with rolling hills, littered with nice barns, cows and horses. It is also extremely varied when it comes to landscape painting: I can do a barn painting early and be on the coast in Cambria in less than 30 minutes and paint the magnificent coastline, Torrey pines and rocky cliffs!

Painting vineyards is not easy. They do sell quite a bit in galleries around here but they are tricky to paint, I think. They are usually just rows and rows of sameness therefore it’s easy to produce something that looks all green, contrived and boring. Remember, there’s nothing more boring in painting than symmetry!

I didn’t like much how I painted them when I first moved here, (see sentence before LOL) but I think I am getting the hang of it. Slowly. The key is to somehow brake up the all the directional lines that the rows of vines naturally create. So it’s important how to position yourself to the vineyard, in other words, picking the right viewpoint! The vines can never be the focal point. Well, maybe not never but often it’s good to have a structure or some other point of interest in it. Rows of vines could look interesting with vineyard workers in them, but I haven’t encountered any so far. Maybe in the fall. Once the colors are changing it will look even more spectacular! I can’t wait…

13 thoughts on “Painting Vineyards!

    1. thenaughtybun

      And I can’t edit…I accidentally hit respond. Love your watercolours, I think you succeed in making them interesting with a lot of movement to draw the eye in.

  1. christafriedl

    Like how you painted the wineyards, I know behause here in Austria wie have also wineyards surrounded by hills and it’s really not easy specially with watercolors. great job

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  3. Brenda Swenson

    Vineyards are tricky to paint…especially in watercolor! Once again you bring home the point that working in the field is the greatest teacher. Great job!
    It was great to see you while in Paso Robles. Let’s do it again some time.

    1. frankeber Post author

      thanks for your note, Dear Brenda!! Yes, let’s do it again soon! I am in Venasque as I write this. We’re having a great time and Jackie is wonderful, we get along just fine! Went to Isle sur la Sorge and painted a fountain today, a bit of Sargent subject matter! Get in touch once I am back home!!

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