New website live!

My website is all new and updated! It’s also responsive, that means it works on smart phones as well. I can now upload pictures myself and finally keep it current. Web design by Have a look, if you like:

I will continue to post paintings and painting tips here on my blog and, reluctantly, on facebook also. I generally detest anything social media and I think it’s insidious how they exploit this thing that was once good!
Just to give you an idea: An art page that doesn’t pay them money (like mine) won’t get the posts seen by many people. Even if the number of page followers is high, the algorithms they’re using make it sure that posts are not distributed widely. Same goes for posting itself: if you spend less time on there it works against you! The less you post, the less traffic will be directed to your page.
All the pages, the ‘suggestions’ you see popping up on the right side of your stream are basically paid advertisements.

As artists we have no choice but to be on there for the obvious exposure. Although it is debatable what inherent value there is in connecting to all these other artists who basically do the same thing as me. Same goes for this or any other blog, of course. In the end it might be good for filling workshops and that’s about it!
Thanks for reading my general rant!



6 thoughts on “New website live!

  1. Edo Hannema

    Congratulations with your new website Frank, it looks really good!
    The other one is also made with WordPress I saw, they are easy to make and maintain!
    The Jetpack carrousel for your gallery is a nice plugin!
    Regards Edo

  2. aHorseForElinor

    Alright! You’re up and out there again! Nice site the way it looks. Glad you kept the blog 🙂
    I’m not a big fan of Facebook either… I’ve got the settings to automatically publish to FB from the blog, that’s about it.

  3. Roger Barker

    Hey Franko, I hope you can still embrace the flavor and love we all shared for a great experience. We might be back but the memories are still vivid. I like the website-your paintings will always help with inspiration and technique. Pam told you we are booked for Maine in August. We haven’t heard from them if it’s for sure-have you booked airfare yet is the question. Let me know when you know it’s a go. I apologize for indicating we would go to France, but as you know we got back to a worse travel and political world than Italy. Pam said you may do a Cotswald(excuse the spelling I’m going on what I heard) trip in 2017-i’d try for that one in Great Britain. We framed, matted and hung your Piazza Michelle painting. She’s not happy with the frame so we will most likely try again. No matter, we would love to have you and MJ and Archer visit our unencumbered eastern Sierra-winter flew by. You know the area and there’s few fences and signs. Have you seen Bodie? Anyway you’re always welcome! Take Care Love to you and MJ Roger and Pam Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2016 23:31:08 +0000 To:

    1. frankeber Post author

      I understand the sentiments about France, Roger! Yes, I got an email that coastal maine is a go. I haven’t booked anything yet, I have at least four other flights before that! Anyway, more via email. Thanks for your note, love you guys!!

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