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A good way to approach a drawing is to first draw in as true proportions as possible, then make a second drawing from the first. This time just drawing the essence of the first, omitting stuff. Simplifying is easier that way, since we no longer look at the original reference but already a ‘version’ of it.
If using a photograph, you can do the same thing. Your individuality will go into the drawing and later the painting, which is what you want. You can always check your changes with the original for accuracy or perspective, but you are essentially making a free interpretation of the picture rather than slavishly copying everything you see in the photograph.
I find that while it also works when painting outside, it is less practical because of the time factor. Light is changing rapidly and it’s difficult enough to do one drawing. It takes many hours of plein air painting to sort of develop the ‘instinct’ of what needs to go in and what can or must be left out! Put in the time!
A drawing or painting is often more interesting when parts of it are left unfinished. The detail and finish in the other areas will have a bigger impact and stand out more.

Ultimately, my goal in painting is beauty as oppose to verification of truth. Generally, people don’t put paintings up that are ugly. I know there is art for all kinds of reason and that’s just fine, but for my art, beauty is pretty important!

7 thoughts on “Drawing skillz

  1. Janette

    Thanks for that tip….I will have to try that I cannot help myself and detail to much ….and I get frustrated with myself and by the time I have finished I am going …I did it again. Thanks so much.

  2. Carol King

    Hi Frank, i liked what you said about your painting being about beauty as opposed to verification of truth. You are a font of wisdom. I always enjoy reading your posts even if I don’t always comment.

  3. Moewe

    Hallo Frank,
    ich male zwar keine Fine-Art 😀 aber ein paar Tipps kann ich schon noch gebrauchen, und das sieht hier sehr gut aus 🙂
    Hast eine neue Leserin 😀

    Liebe Grüße

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