Monterey Plein Air convention Recap

I was definitely impressed by how well organized it was. Despite the amount of participants (over 700) there was never a problem.
Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the size of the event first, but the organizers tried hard to accommodate everybody. The catering company did a tremendous job, there was always food and drinks, so nobody had to go hungry.
The best part were all the great demonstrations by internationally known artists! If anything I come away inspired after seeing the presentations of Quang Ho, Antonio Masi or George Carlson, just to name a few.

Another highlight for me was meeting and spending time with fellow watermedia painters. Many painters whom I admired greatly when I first started out, like Eric Wiegardt! I also met Jean Haines, Michael Reardon, Robin Purcell, Andy Evanson, Georgia Mansur, Stewart White, Francesco Fontana and many others. We all hung out together at night to present a united front against all the oilies! Just kidding! We all got along and a few oil painters even took the time to complement us and admitted their admiration: ‘watercolor is just too hard’, was what I heard more than once!

Painting outside was great fun and there was room for everybody. My job was to also help out, if anybody needed guidance or had a question about how to approach a subject. We carried around flags and wore faculty hats to be of assistance if needed. Overall, I never felt pressured and many participants were experienced outdoor painters who really didn’t need much help.

Next year this event will be held in Tuscon, AZ, a very different environment. I am happy to say that I will be invited again as a faculty member. My presentation on the watermedia stage was well received and my painting in the Atrium exhibition sold!

6 thoughts on “Monterey Plein Air convention Recap

  1. Jody

    This is the second year water media was offered at the plein air convention and my second year attending because of that addition. Your demo and availability painting out was outstanding. We water media painters were in the minority and that means more camaraderie among us. I was happy with the high level of all the water media info. Thanks for your participation. Jody

  2. Cathy

    Glad you got to meet Michael Reardon. He is a gifted artist, a wonderful teacher and such a sweet person. Your approaches seem very compatible. So looking forward to you coming to San Jose in June!

    1. frankeber Post author

      I am good friends with Michael now and we talk regularly. It may not seem obvious but he paints a pretty different style, but there are some similarities also..’
      look forward to June!

  3. Joyce

    Where & when will it be held next year in my hometown of Tucson, AZ. I’m looking forward to it, Joyce

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