Hillside Fine Art welcomes my work!

I am very happy to announce that my work is now represented by Hillside Fine Art in Claremont, California.
I am the only watercolor artist in a gallery that is full of oil paintings. There are many big name artists of the California Art Club on the walls and I am quite honored to have my work exhibited with them! I hope I can do well; I have no idea, only time will tell!

I will have my first ever solo exhibition at Hillside in September! Very excited about that. Reception is scheduled for September 5, 2015. Details will follow. Please come on by if you’re in the area!

10 thoughts on “Hillside Fine Art welcomes my work!

  1. Cheri Isgreen

    Very glad for you and all watercolor artists to read your post. Both galleries and collectors need some education about the serious nature of contemporary watercolor for both purchase in homes and for investing. It’s not just a sketch medium anymore.

    1. frankeber Post author

      I wish you were right, but unfortunately, there are many galleries that don’t even take on watercolor painters. The reasoning is: nobody likes anything behind glass (or plexi). It hasn’t changed much in the last 200 years. Ironically, there are many people out there who love watercolor paintings, but I have found they are mostly wc painters themselves. Unless you do it you don’t appreciate it? I really don’t know…
      Thanks for the visit!

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