Brothers in arms

      brothers in arms (2)

This is another watercolor painting of horses. Basically a horse portrait. There is a lot of negative painting as well as lost and found edges in this work. The top mane of the horse and his muzzle are left white. When painting the background I was very careful to leave the ‘white’ for the horses heads, which is actually some kind of greyish blue in the end. A painting like this requires careful planning but quick and decisive strokes once the painting process starts. I strive to have a looseness in my work that cannot be accomplished by being overly careful! While painting I closely pay attention to what’s happening on the paper, always open to changing direction if my watercolor requires it. I never try to force things. It took me forever to learn that!

2 thoughts on “Brothers in arms

  1. Carol King

    Hi Frank, sorry I haven’t been by as often as I should. Your horses are beautiful. And I loved this: “I never try to force things. It took me forever to learn that!”

    Words to live by. Not just for painting. Hope you are well. I’m going to scroll through your posts because I remember seeing that you got another painting in Salmagundi. I will try and get over there to see the show. Congratulations Frank!

    1. frankeber Post author

      Carol, thank you – no worries about not coming here often! We all have a life to live! Hey, I might come out to NY, but I’ll let you know! If it happens, I’ll be at Salmagundi around the 11th of April, maybe we can meet for a coffee

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