Happiness is 25 sheets of new paper!

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Just arrived in the mail! I am very honored to get this wonderful paper. Thank you so much, Ed!  The washes stay open for a while, which is something I really need for my work. I remember at the Pasadena Expo a few years ago, I heard: ‘no one’s using rough paper, you’re the only one! Everyone wants cold press!’  That’s ok, it works for me, that’s all that matters!

Those of you who visit my blog know that I love painting horses! This is a small
sketch painted using the three primary colors.  This painting is a value painting, there’s no color to speak of, yet it works! That shows us that if we get the values
right, we have a successful painting regardless of color. Color is important, but it
is of less importance than value!

8 thoughts on “Happiness is 25 sheets of new paper!

  1. 2me4art

    That is WoNDerFul paper! Very lucky. I drool over at the art store. Way out of my price range, but not yours. Your watercolor of the horses are worth millions. I’m in awe! ~amy

    1. frankeber Post author

      Amy, I wish you were right..hahaha – yes, the paper is great! You absolutely need to spend the money to get a good result. Paper more so than brushes! And pigments..no shortcuts there! Thanks for your nice words!

      1. 2me4art

        I agree with pigments. I would agree with paper, had I not seen what my brother & grandfather could do on a paper bag or a napkin. 🙂 I hope, someday, to believe my work should be done on such high quality paper. Until then-the 40% off coupons to my art store work better. ~amy

  2. Tina Smith

    Have you seen the watercolor easel designed by Eric Michaels? Look on the internet for www. En Plein Air Pro. I like mine. It’s lightweight and portable. I have the oil and watecolor setup. Looking forward to taking your workshop at Star Harbor W/C Society in October.

    1. frankeber Post author

      Tina, those are decent easels I am familiar with them. But I got my own plein air set-up now! It’s custom made and very light. I’ll blog about it soon. Thank you, look forward to meeting you!

  3. Carol King

    Well, I tried to reply, but don’t know if it went through. I said my usual “you are amazing!”
    What three colors did you use. (And don’t tell me red, yellow and blue! LOL) I want specifics. If just so I can go back and continue to marvel at your horses.

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