2 thoughts on “Once, under my roof

  1. Melissa Elliott

    Frank, I so wish you would post your paintings at a slightly larger size. Even clicked on to maximize, it’s hard to see any detail or nuance sometimes, and your subtle shadings are lost to me. These are beautiful–hope you’ll do more.

    1. frankeber Post author

      I know, Melissa! It’s a tricky business – putting something higher res on the internet!

      I have a good story for you: a friend of mine (who is a famous painter) went to China once and found a coffee table book for sale with art of his painting friend (who is also famous). He called him to ask him how he got that gig to have a book published in China. He said he never made a coffee table book, ever! ….. sooooo, somebody ripped off all the images and printed a book and sells it openly, without permission of the artist! Kind of scary, isn’t it?
      Thank you for your visit and the kind words…I hope you understand my reluctance to put anything high res anywhere…


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