Painting demonstration at CCWS

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Last night I was invited to do a painting demonstration at the Central watercolor society in San Luis Obisbo. The event was well attended and everyone made me feel welcome.
My special thanks goes to Jerry Smith for rigging up the camera and having everything ready to go by the time I got there.

I decided to paint a local scene from a state park nearby, named Montaña d’Oro.
I am happy to say that my painting was well liked and all the artists complimented the way I conducted the presentation. I usually try to finish in just under an hour, as it is difficult to keep an audience engaged for much longer, at least not without a break.

This painting was a two step process. First, I painted the sky and the foreground. The trees and buildings are all part of the second wash. The front of the building with the beautiful dappled shadows is just the white of the paper.

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6 thoughts on “Painting demonstration at CCWS

  1. Matt Myers

    Do you currently have any books or videos out?
    What is your step by step process to get the atmospheric look you achieve. It is well done.

    1. frankeber Post author

      thank you for the visit, Matt. No books or DVD’s out at this point in time. I can let you know once that’s in the works. It’s a complex process, three washes that I can’t possibly describe here. I may do a post with progress pictures, stay tuned.


    G’Day! Frankeber,
    Cool Post, I am told there is a painting by Poussin of Jesus healing the blind men at Jericho. This painting is supposed to be unique in that it shows a cane left by one of the men on the steps where he was waiting for Jesus. When he heard that Jesus had come, he left the cane behind as if he had already been healed. This s supposed to be a demonstration of true faith.
    Does such a painting really exist?

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