Fayac farm estate

Fayac Farm estate 14x20

Fayac Farm estate 14×20

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On my recent trip to France I was very much drawn to painting simple scenes with barns and cows as oppose to pompous, medieval fortresses built into rock formations. Sometimes, scenes like this have greater appeal and work much better as a painting.  What looks great as a photograph doesn’t necessarily translate into a great painting!

I was very intrigued by the shapes of the barns in the Aquitaine/ Dordogne region of central France.  France is very good in preserving their traditions while keeping pace with the modern life in the 21st century.  They have big box stores as well, but at the same time also manage to keep their small mom and pop stores alive.

This scene depicts one of said barns at the end of the day. The play of light on the rooftop,  the deep shadows of the foreground along with the grazing cows were just waiting to be painted!

Fayac farm estate
Media: original watercolor on paper
Image size:  approx. 14″x20″
Unframed/ matted
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2 thoughts on “Fayac farm estate

  1. lesliepaints

    After you dropped by my blog and told me you had a barn and cow painting, I had to come and sit in your barnyard for awhile, Frank. 🙂 Big smile. This is beautiful! The splash of light on the barn and the backs of the cows on the right is spectacular! Love the whole “feel” of this painting!

    1. frankeber Post author

      Yep, you and I with barns…I just love it! Thank you for leaving your comments here! The cows are really just squiggles for the most part. If you observe closely, only one or two cows are really there..

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