Chiaroscuro – lights and darks

underpass sketch, web] P1000227 P1000225 P1000226

During the recent rain I went sketching under the 105 Freeway. I think all the angles make for an interesting composition! Not pretty, that’s for sure – It may or may not lead to a bigger painting.

I was fairly protected when I painted, but it was very cold and some water got on to the first watercolor sketch. It actually helped! Looks much better, thank you!

As artists, we have to explore all kinds of subject matter and this is one I was always curious about. I might not sell many of these, but even paintings like this can have a certain appeal just for it’s urban grittiness. It’s not about the glorious Venice sunset all the time. There can be some beauty in the vertical and horizontal lines of an underpass as well! It all depends on the interpretation!

11 thoughts on “Chiaroscuro – lights and darks

  1. Peggy Reid

    You sure got the feeling of that cool wet day. People think Southern California is all sunshine but we do have a few nasty days. Love the astomphere.

  2. lesliepaints

    I, for one, have always been drawn to contrasty and somewhat monochromatic artwork. I’ll stand in front of them ever so much more longer at a gallery or museum, taking them in. Love the shapes and the composition you chose on this one, Frank.

    1. frankeber Post author

      thank you, Leslie. Great comment. Only an artist can know about things like that, eh? This one is definitely all about the composition. I never did a bigger version of this, but I should…

  3. Carol King

    Ah, urban grittiness….right up my alley. These are great Frank. I like seeing your value studies and sketches. I like the monochromatic colors. Gives it more atmosphere and moodiness.

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