Beautiful California

Petaluma farm, 2012 by frankeber        California light, 2012 by frankeber

I love painting rural scenes like farms and cows! California has plenty of both. If you ever visit areas like Petaluma, Sonoma and Mendocino county, you know what I mean.
California is a beautiful state, as long as you stay away from Los Angeles! The light on those bald hills in the countryside is especially dramatic during the ‘golden hour’, as we painters very well know! It is ironic that we are actually looking at burnt grass! It turns golden and it’s hard not to love…

Cows are a very good subject matter, I think. I am certainly not the first artist to be fascinated by them. They are very awkward looking creatures, but they’re also beautiful in their own right.  One of the harder things when painting cows is how to group them. It’s easy to place them all in similar groupings, or worse, all with the same pose. I tried desperately to make them look ‘random’. Same with the sheep in the second painting. I think what’s happening sometimes when we paint the same shape over and over, we start copying what we just painted! Basically using our own painting as a reference. An honest mistake that we all do! It helps to be aware of it when painting groups of shapes! It doesn’t matter what it is, cows, sheep, trees, cars, people…

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!!!


4 thoughts on “Beautiful California

  1. Joy

    Happy cows make great cheese! And along the same vein, happy sheep make great yarn. LOL Great paintings, Frank.

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