Painting demo at Westlake Village Art Guild

Last week, the Westlake Village Art Guild invited me to do a painting demo at their wonderful facility in Thousand Oaks, California. I was the guest demonstrator during their monthly meeting, and did a watercolor scene with a pond and background buildings.

It was an honor and great fun to paint for more than 75 artists! My painting came out well and was raffled off. I received a warm welcome and my art was very much appreciated! I’d like to thank Juliette, Craig and Bruce for a wonderful evening that included an excellent dinner. A very well organized group, very friendly, especially Dickie, a former student of Millard Sheets and Milford Zornes, who was very effusive with her compliments!

On top of that I sold three paintings. (You can see more of my paintings here.)

I have added a new Workshops + Demos + Lectures page where I’ll publish all upcoming classes and appearances. You will find it on the upper right hand corner on the homepage. (Comments are not enabled on that page; please contact me at directly.) Please check back often for a demo near where you live!

2 thoughts on “Painting demo at Westlake Village Art Guild

  1. Carol King

    oh sure, you can do demos in CA and then traipse all over the world doing plein air painting, but do you come to NY? NO! You better show up in my neck of the woods one of these days or I’m going to call the mayor and tell him to change the color of all our yellow taxis to blue. that’ll show ya! 🙂

    1. frankeber Post author

      Hahaha, soooo funny, Carol. You are great! I am working on it and when I finally come over you need to show me good painting spots around the city..

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