Huntington gardens

One of my students organized a plein air painting trip to the beautiful Huntington gardens in Pasadena. The best part was this: We got in on the day when it’s closed to the public! We were actually driven around in little golf carts by the facilities manager and his wife! Needless to say it was wonderful and quite a treat! Thank you JoAnn for doing this for us!!

Huntington plein air, chinese gardens by frankeber 2011

We first went to the lillie pads and the chinese gardens after. I am posting my plein air efforts from both locations. It was perfect weather and not only did the care takers give us a free tour, they also supplied the best coffee you can ever have!
On top of that, Akemi, who is a very talented painter in my class, made the most elaborate and delicious lunch for us..all we had to do was paint! A very special day!

Huntington plein air, lilly pad by frankeber 2011

It was not a class setting, everybody did their own thing. There were requests for a plein air class, so we’re trying to do another outing as a class in the near future.
Usually, the hardest part about painting outside is finding subject matter that works. You can spend a long time walking around, trying to decide what to paint, time passing by and pressure to paint ‘something’ is rising.
My tip is, go with a view that speaks to you initially and if it isn’t perfect – do a little inventing, or chance things around a bit. It is better to paint anything at all, than wasting half a day looking for the perfect spot you may never find!


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