New York City streetscene

silver city, by frankeber 2011

I call this piece ‘silver city’ because of the strange light quality that you sometimes get in NY. It is that late fall or early winter ‘feel’ that only occurs when it is cold out.

I am very attracted to scenes like this, because they tell such a great story; a story of life in a big city. You ponder it’s ups and downs, how tentative everything is…

You look at the people and you know you’ll never see this person again in your life. But you don’t get hung up on it, you just move on…

Is it good, is it bad? I can’t say…it is what it is!

In my work, I am always shooting for an impression. I try to make it look ‘as if’. The buildings, the cars, and the people… are they really there? They are because we think they are. They are because we know they are. A little bit like in real life walking down the we really see the people? Or is it just a blur of things…

silver city detail, by frankeber 2011
Tonal value makes this painting. Good questions to ask yourself are: where is the lightest light? Where is the darkest dark? Observe carefully and keep an eye on your entire painting while you work. Thanks for looking!

6 thoughts on “New York City streetscene


    How could we not look?! It is magnificent! As is all your work, by the way. Thank you for your hints. I agree that we do not see details, except of whatever it is we may happen to be concentrating on, and even that is iffy. (Frankly, when I am not thinking about it, I am lucky if I see anything! lol)

    1. frankeber Post author

      Dan, thank you – you are too nice! I know what you mean…we don’t look at each other much. It’d be very difficult to remember what someone was wearing, even if we talked to them..let alone describe what they looked like. Life seems just too frantic these days…we never have time, always distracted..

  2. lesliepaints

    I like the tall and narrow format of this. I have always felt like I am in a great cavern as I walk down a sidewalk in a big city with skyscrapers on either side of me. This illustrates that feeling.

  3. Carol King

    Are you sure you’re not really a New Yorker?

    I, like Leslie, like the very tall format of this painting. I like the taxi’s in the center bottom, the gray buildings with just the right amount of sparkle. It reminds me of one of those days where it looks like it might snow. Another fave!

    BTW, I’m going to see this guy. His style reminds me a bit of yours. What do you think?

    1. frankeber Post author

      Thanks, Carol..hope all is well on your end! Great link, love the guys work! I’ve never heard of him but that doesn’t mean much, his work is very atmospheric and I love that…
      thanks for yet another great comment!

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