Daniel Smith dot cards

I am proud to say I have my own personalized dot cards courtesy of this great American paint manufacturer! DS came up with this nifty idea as a quick and convenient way to try out their colors without having to buy a whole tube! Just put your paintbrush loaded with water to it and, voilá…  Great way to find out if you like a color enough to go buy it!

Frank Eber dotcard

My colors are pretty basic: if you think about it, I use yellow, red, blue and some earth tones. Sure, there’s the occasional oddball (like undersea green), but those are continually changing.  Colors like cobalt blue or yellow ochre can’t ever be replaced and you really can’t do without them. I love their cobalt teal and it goes without saying that their quins are amazing!

I would like to thank Pam and Katherine of JJC Industries for making this possible for me. It is a great honor, now I just hope I can live up to it!!


6 thoughts on “Daniel Smith dot cards

  1. Susie

    Congratulations! Wanting to have a dot card of yours, I just checked Daniel Smith and can’t find ’em.
    And does this mean that they’ll be offering your colors, full tubes, in a set?
    I hope so….

    1. frankeber Post author

      Thanks for your visit, Susie. I really don’t know if they’ll ever offer a set of my colors, I wish I could tell you! I’ll try to find out. I am out of dot cards myself, but I’ll let you know once I get more in and where you can get them. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Susie

    Thank you, Frank, I’ll be watching.
    I’m just getting back into watercolor painting as an adult after a whole life of not painting. Seeing your color dot card was inspiring, my eyes popped and my heart said “Yes, Yes, Yes!”. I didn’t realize I had so many choices….
    I love that cerulean blue chromium….

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