The 2011 Paint San Clemente competition

All of last week I participated in this year’s annual event Paint San Clemente, held by the San Clemente Art Association. I am thrilled to have won Second Prize Overall last night, but I am even more thrilled that SCAA actually awarded a prize to a watercolor painting! As it is widely known, our medium still suffers from the perception of being inferior to oil, so it’s good to see that people do appreciate watercolor art.


Me painting on Friday. Group photo by Oliver Yu for the Orange County Register

Both my paintings sold on opening night and I am proud to have won this award that benefits local schools and art programs. Here are the articles in the Orange County Register and the San Clemente Patch!

During this last week I met many wonderful people painting outside. Rob and Christina, among others who stopped by to watch me paint, were very encouraging and said nice words about my work. San Clemente is a wonderful town that somehow managed to retain a “small town America” feel and I am very fortunate to have spent so much time there lately. I’d really like to thank Patti and Richard of San Clemente Art Supply for inviting me and helping to make this event happen for me. I couldn’t have done it without you, Patti!

First Place Overall was awarded to Josh Clare (above, left, with the impressive tie), who is an amazing young oil painter! Congratulations, well deserved!


The Miramar, 2nd Place Overall. (I still need to get a proper picture of this for my gallery.) And me, dazed over the win.

At Home in San Clemente was the second painting I entered into the show. You can see this on my website; unfortunately for those who have asked, it was immediately sold!

On another note, my painting Redondo Beach Harbor (posted in the California gallery, here, and here) won the Samuel and Ann Seeman Award at the 2011 Transparent Watercolor Society of America Exhibit at the Kenosha Public Museum in Wisconsin. More details in a future blog post!


11 thoughts on “The 2011 Paint San Clemente competition

  1. lesliepaints

    Congratulations, Frank. It is, indeed, an honor to place so high amongst oil painters. Your work deserves this notice, however. It is very good. I am fascinated by the quick brushstrokes it must have taken to render the supports on the pier. Fantastic drybrushing!!!! …and a scene full of light!

    1. frankeber Post author

      Thanks for your nice comment, as always, Leslie. It is great that even societies that are 90% oil painters are recognizing watercolor art now. I think watercolor art is having a huge resurgence..let’s hope so!

  2. Jan

    Hi Frank! Congratulations again. Well done!!
    At Home In San Clemente is a beautiful watercolor – I love it.

    1. frankeber Post author

      Thanks so much, Jan! I beat 228 oil paintings..hahaha, but in the end and oil painting won! That’s ok, I am very happy with second place. Thanks for your comment, appreciate you taking the time!

      1. Jan

        Nothing wrong with second place, for now. Next time you will show them – I am sure. That is when you will have the last…hahaha!
        And for me watercolor is not inferior to oil!

  3. Swift

    Hi Frank,

    It’s been a few weeks, but I really enjoy this pier painting and how you saved the white of the paper. I’ve been trying to loosen up in my own work. Too much time working as an illustrator I suppose. Great work! and I’m envious of you working by a beach. It’s a drought here in Texas.


    1. frankeber Post author

      Thanks for the visit, Nick – getting loose takes time, I used to be an illustrator also! It’s ironic how it’s much harder *not* to put too much than to just leave out things and let the paint do the work…keep at it and Happy painting!!

  4. Tony Bugeja

    Hi Frank
    Congrats on your win. This painting is awesome! I am into watercolor myself and I enjoy seeing other artists work. I just saw your website and you have impressive work! Wish you all the success!

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