one-way madness

I am not done with taxis just yet. For some reason they are a very fascinating subject matter to me. My blog friend and New York native Carol King told me that whenever there’s a bad traffic jam and an accident, there are usually taxis involved. Most of the time they crash into each other! How bizarre is that. I would think there’s a lot of road rage involved, it can’t be a lot of fun to drive in NYC let alone drive a taxi for hours and hours every day. Does anyone have a New York City taxi story to share?

one-way madness, by frankeber 2011

When you paint, you usually try to tell a story. I got a nice compliment from an art collector the other day. She said my NYC paintings look dreamy and I make ordinary streets look special. I was very happy to hear that, as you can imagine. It is true, I like to make it look real but surreal at the same time. In real life, cars don’t melt into the road and people don’t melt into the buildings. (Insert chemical-induced reference here.) But in a painting you can do these things and get away with them. It actually improves the work!
one-way madness_detail1, by frankeber 2011

It’s good to look at art and be uplifted, to see something that’s not there, definitely not in reality. I think it’s part of our responsibility as artists: a form of entertainment, offer something people like to look at or something that makes them think.

one-way madness_detail2, by frankeber 2011

8 thoughts on “one-way madness

  1. lesliepaints

    Well, this is my favorite of your taxi series, thus far. I love that street vendor stand off to the right. I like the stoplights that bring attention to the commotion on the street below and suggest what activity you wish my eye to concentrate on. Absolutley would not be the same without that “Grand Old Flag”. I think I like this long horizontal format, also, Frank. Excellent.

    1. frankeber Post author

      thanks for that, Leslie! I always appreciate your comment. You seem to be the only one…hahaha Seriously though, love the format but you can’t submit images like these to most competitions. A lot of them have all these strange requirements. Why are there rules in art???

      1. lesliepaints

        I feel your frustration, Frank. I see this piece fitting nicely in a private show. I see it in a gallery representing your work and I see it on a client’s wall who needed just this format to fit that special spot they saved for it. It is BEAUTIFUL!

    1. frankeber Post author

      that’s exactly what I am after, Richard!! I think I am finally finding my style – well, maybe, hopefully…thanks for your visit, Richard!

  2. Carol King

    What can I say? I am so partial to your fantastic NYC taxi paintings. Are you sure you secretly don’t live here? Great post. I laughed, I cried, I ran out and hailed a cab.

    I love the group on the left who are clearly walking determinedly and not strolling. (Strolling is for tourists.) I love the way you do your buildings, really just hinting them in the far background. You always seem to have a flag flying and I also like the flag colors are detailed against the shadows and grays of the buildings. I like your low rise building just behind the street vendor set off by the taller, more modern buildings. I just like the whole painting. (And yes, I like the way the taxis melt into the asphalt. which I think really does happen.)

    1. frankeber Post author

      Wow, Carol – what a great comment! I am honored, if anyone it is you who knows about NY, so that makes this comment very special to me! Thank you so much. Just coming home from a two day workshop (I will post about it sometime later this week) you really made my day!!

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