And now for something completely different….

the old reflecting in the new, 2010 by frank eberI haven’t been producing anything I like lately so I will post one of my paintings from my travels instead. To be honest, there wasn’t so much time to paint for me in the last couple weeks. I had a job working for Jim Belushi last week and it took all my energy. This week looks much better though!

I call this one The New reflecting the Old. This plaza is in Vienna and it looks good at any time during the day, but when the late afternoon light hits those umbrellas and the reflection of the old building appears in the glass structure it is simply amazing!

I tried to keep things very simple, just focusing on the mood. As you can see in the close-up, I didn’t really paint out the figures. I used a very small squirrel mop brush loaded with a fair amount of pigment. Some artists say you cannot draw and detail with a squirrel mop because they are too soft. True, but that’s exactly what I want. I mean, I let the brush do the work and hope it’ll look like figures in the end. This time it worked! Of course, I tried to do this again last week and it didn’t… Now I am looking at this and ask myself, how did you do that?people on the square

Time to stop analyzing. Wasn’t it Cezanne who said: As soon as I start thinking during painting, it all goes downhill. I completely agree, I have the same problem! Just paint and keep your intellect out of it as much as possible. Definitely easier said than done!

8 thoughts on “And now for something completely different….

  1. lesliepaints

    I absolutely love your style and ability to turn on “the Light”! Thanks for the idea of the squirrel mop brush. I think you are right about knowing how to handle it and let it do the work. I use mine from time to time and find it does drop a lot of water. Perhaps I need to go at it with a lighter touch. I use mine a lot for leafy effects.
    The people are wonderful in this and so many! The birds are what really capture my attention, first and then I hit that figurative reflection before dropping down into the street and the festivities of the plaza. Absolutely beautiful, Frank. Jim Belushi? You know Jim Belushi?!!

    1. frankeber Post author

      Thank you, Leslie. What would I do without your nice comments? Yeah, it’s kind of a 50/50 shot to use the squirrel mop (it’s a #0) for this kind of thing. Still, I love the effect that can be achieved, seems I just need more practice.
      I wouldn’t say I know Jim, it’s just another Michael Smith client we sometimes work for – I do pro faux finishing. My day job, so to speak…hehehe
      Thanks for your great comment, as always!

  2. Nancy

    “As soon as I start thinking during painting, it all goes downhill.”

    I found the same thing for climbing…too much thinking and analysis and things lock up. 🙂

    Love your paintings, maybe its the watercolor style, but they are very peaceful.

  3. Janet Flom

    I received an encouraging note from this “frankeber” dude, and so of course i had to skulk around and look him/her up — SHEEEEEEEZ, you can paint! Mad skills — fresh, loose, no naval-lint-picking! love it.

    1. frankeber Post author

      Janet, we all need encouraging comments! Thanks for yours, it means a lot to me…come by again sometime, I try to write more about how I paint etc., it’s good to share and learn from one another!

  4. Carol King

    Frank, this is amazing! I love the shiny new building and the old dark building across from it. You’ve captured the crowd perfectly and I really like how you did it. Not much detail is perfect for a crowd scene like this.

    I know how you feel. Right now I feel like I couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler.


    1. frankeber Post author

      Carol, thanks for your visit and for saying nice things about my work. It helps! Some days I just don’t even bother while on others everything feels easy. Just a matter of going with the flow…no pun intended.

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