Korean Church, Old Town Torrance

Back in California and still in culture shock! Getting used to the wide streets, ten-lane highways, football-field-sized grocery stores and then… why are the sausages so big? It’s like eating two in one serving…

All in all, quite the contrast to our village in rural France. I’ve been doing lots of plein air since I’ve been back and I noticed that people check out my work and comment.  Whenever I set up my easel and paint, there is always someone saying something nice or encouraging. Europeans are not as outgoing, I think. They might sneak a peek and keep going.  Americans are always up for small talk and have Korean church by frank eber, 2010a friendly word.

I started bringing a small box of business cards. So whenever I am out painting, people can just grab one and who knows, someone might actually be interested in buying a painting sometime! Pigs do fly…

While painting this, someone came out of a nearby shop and asked me, “What are you painting, man?” So I said, “Oh, that little church over there, see the nice light on top? It really makes it stand out and shine.” He just looked at me as if I was crazy and said, “I guess that’s why they call you an artist, eh?”

9 thoughts on “Korean Church, Old Town Torrance

  1. lesliepaints

    Ha! Good story, Frank. ….and wow! Your art changes with the scenery. Love the dog and the runner and that blurriness behind the runner gives the feel of moist heat to the whole scene. Are those church steps really red? because ZING! my eye goes right to it. Lovely painting.

    1. frankeber Post author

      Hi Leslie! Yep, they are really red. Kinda strange but it draws your eyes to the focal point, doesn’t it? Good observation and thanks for commenting!

    1. frankeber Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Richard! I think it’s great that you’re an artist and a chef…cooking is an art as well!

  2. CarolKing

    What a difference from Venice! But just as beautiful. Love the town and bravo to you for painting outside. I am still too insecure to do that.

    Loved the story “what are you painting, man”.

    Shoulda said “Dude, if you have to ask you better go back inside.”

    1. frankeber Post author

      I know, what a question…thanks for your note, Carol. Painting outside is tricky, the Z says it’s like going hunting: sometimes you miss! So true.. in the end you just have to do it. I tend to do better outside than in my studio lately, which is weird. I came to appreciate seeing the real thing in front of me as oppose to on a screen or photograph. There is just something missing..

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