Canal in Venice

Quiet morning, Venice by frank eber 2010 Another one from Venice! This one was done early in the morning with that typical haze lingering in the air. I tried to paint as quickly as possible, letting the paints bleed.  I feel I overworked the water a bit. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed when painting on location. There are so many things you see at once and the longer you look, the more you start seeing. But like the master painter Joseph Zbukvic says, “You mustn’t put it all in”! I have also found that you cannot put in all the colors your eyes perceive. There’s so much to learn still…

Speaking of the Mr. Z: I am very happy to announce that I signed up for his workshop at Fallbrook, California next spring. I can hardly wait and I am sure it will be an eye-opener in many ways.

My next post will be from CA as I am heading home!

8 thoughts on “Canal in Venice

  1. lesliepaints

    What I really like about this, Frank, are the dramatic play of lights that run off the walkway onto the water. Your drybrushing created a sparkle on the posts and I immediatly go from there to the light spot on the bend and up the steeple to see the birds. It looks like morning to me the way you played it. Beautiful.

  2. lindahalcombfineart

    I love the silhouette of the church and steeple against the pale morning sky and the hazy, misty feel.

  3. Doraz

    You are amazing. I agree with all of the comments above. You do not miss a thing. I can just see you working. You do have fun, but it must be crazy. 🙂 CA will be here. 🙂

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