Santa Maria della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute, by frank eberThis view was probably painted a million times before.  The Basilica of Saint Mary of Health, as it is called in English, was built after a particularly devastating outbreak of the plague in 1630. It quickly became an emblematic  part of the skyline of Venice and inspired many big-name artists like Canaletto, Turner, Sargent and Guardi.

As always, it was important for me to get the mood of the place and I tried not to put any details into the building itself. Just the shapes and letting the paint do the work. The only details are the boats and the poles on the left hand side, but I tried to keep those vague as well.

This one is pretty small, only about 9″ x 11″.

6 thoughts on “Santa Maria della Salute

  1. lesliepaints

    Regardless of the size it is an absolutely impressive painting. When I opened up your blog and saw this, my first thought was John Singer Sargeant. I love that you talk about not putting in too much detail on the building. What I found so interesting is that the building is where my eye demands to rest even though you have used bright red and detail to the left and some detail in the distant boats on the right. That seems to act like support for my eyes and keep me concentrating on the dome and building which I find wonderfully lit and atmospheric. This is my very favorite of your work so far.

    1. frankeber Post author

      Thank you, thank you – Leslie. That is a big compliment. btw I love getting your comments, cause they really help me get better and learn what’s important and what isn’t…it’s great if we can learn from each other.

  2. Sabrina

    When Jean showed me your art on your blog I was very impressed. I wish you all the best in your endevours, you certainly deserve it.


    1. frankeber Post author

      Sabrina! Great to hear from you. I did not know Jean knows about this blog. Hope you guys are doing ok and thanks for your nice comment!

  3. Carol King

    I think you most certainly captured the mood of Venice with this iconic image. Love the basilica and the red and white poles in the foreground.

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