Market Faux Pas

the Olive seller by frank eber, 9"x14"Living in France also means that you buy a lot of your groceries at local markets. It’s part of the lifestyle. You’ll get everything fresh and local, which means more nutritional value in your food and less shopping at big box stores.

Somehow the French also manage to keep their small businesses alive despite the ever growing presence of huge chain stores. Yes, it happens here as well.

Shopping at markets is fun and can be quite exciting as the following story shows:

While tasting one vendors products and debating which ones to buy, he overheard my wife and I referring to his product as salami (which they really are).

He then reprimanded us with feigned indignation and in perfect English: “Thees eez not salami, thees eez sauçisson! Salami eez from country I do not wish to speak about.”

Presumably Italy? Needless to say we were roaring with laughter which he found quite amusing. So, lesson number one would be: Salami is called sauçisson, remember that!!

I was primarily attracted by the bright yellow market umbrellas and the contrast they created with the shady buildings in the background. It made for a nicely lit and moody scene, very French!


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