Narrow European streets!

Bellfroix, Aix by Frank EberIf you’ve ever been to France or Europe in general, you’re probably familiar with those claustrophobic and tight streets and alleys in the towns.

Unsuspecting traveler beware: In such places there is actually a good chance a car will be zipping your way, leaving you just enough time to jump out of the way and cling to either side, feeling the draft and wondering out loud: I didn’t
think there’d be enough space here for a vehicle to go through!

I know!

As an artist, it is quite the challenge to paint narrow alleys. Especially when the top of your motif sees bright sunlight, while the bottom is in deep shadow… and all at the same time!

But I am, of course, completely taken by the charm of the scene, there’s no time think too much, you just go for it!


4 thoughts on “Narrow European streets!

  1. angela

    wonderful – i’m so excited that your blog is up and running…i look forward to more posts where i get to ‘travel’ away from guthrie a bit!

    thank you for the comment on my project – and you’re right, i think our thought process and intentions in our art is much the same, we must see the world a bit similarly, even if our end product is so different – i especially felt that in your previous post when you said that it wasn’t about the barges, it was about the glow —exactly!

    i can’t wait to see more!

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